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World-first technology combines payment card and authentication in a single device


October 24, 2007

Credit Card Embedded Authentication Device

Credit Card Embedded Authentication Device

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October 24, 2007 A next-generation credit card that incorporates a 12-button keyboard, a microprocessor and an embedded alphanumeric display promises to provide unprecedented security in phone and online banking transactions.

Appearing in the standard form of a payment card, the Credit Card Embedded Authentication Device has a number of authentication ‘modes’ for use in online, phone, or ATM transactions. For example, a user can enter his or her secret PIN into the card’s keypad to receive a numeric passcode for one-time use. To authorize a banking transaction, the passcode is entered into an interface and instantly validated by an authentication server. This process removes the need to enter a PIN into an unsecure device such as a web browser and provides a user-friendly defense against electronic banking fraud - a problem that costs financial institutions an estimated $4 billion annually.

Developed jointly by Innovative Card Technologies and eMue Technologies, the device was recently recognized at InfoSecurity's Tomorrow's Technology Today Awards and picked up the “Judge’s Choice” and “Technical Achievement” Élan Awards presented at ICMA’s Annual Card Manufacturing and Personalization Expo in San Diego.

The Élan awards recognize card design innovation and technical achievement in the card manufacturing industry, and are judged by an independent panel of ICMA associate members, industry notables and international journalists.

The Credit Card Embedded Authentication Device will make its consumer debut at Cartes & IDentification in Paris November 13-15, 2007.

To learn more contact info@emue.com.

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