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EDGE Tech Corp releases 32GB DiskGO Flash Drive


October 16, 2007

32GB, $399.99, DiskGO™ Flash Drive

32GB, $399.99, DiskGO™ Flash Drive

October 17, 2007 The storage stakes just keep getting higher. Insatiable consumer demand for small form factor, high-capacity, affordable storage devices is being met by the market, with the latest example to cross our desk being EDGE Tech Corp’s new US$399.99, 32GB DiskGO™ Flash Drive.

Designed to be carried on a keychain or via a built-in pen clip, the 32GB DiskGO has a transfer rate of up to 480Mb/s and enough space to hold more than 20,000 photographs (at around 1.5MB each).

EDGE Tech Corp is offering the drive with a lifetime warranty and a free preview of CryptArchiver encryption software, which ciphers up to 25MB of data at 128-bit AES encryption. A full version of this software can be purchased that enables users to encrypt up to 20GB of data stored within the drive.

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