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KUKA Robotics introduces new robotic palletizing solution


October 11, 2007

KUKA KR 40 robot

KUKA KR 40 robot

October 11, 2007 KUKA Robotics Corporation has announced a new robotic packing solution for pallets designed to virtually eliminate package damage caused by conventional palletizers without impacting on speed.

The layer forming palletizing solution utilizes a KUKA KR 40 PA robot to orient and position each case or package to form the layer. The result according to Kuka and system partner T-Tek Material Handling Inc., is a robust, repeatable, flexible, and fast palletizing solution that does not sacrifice product or case integrity.

The KUKA KR 40 robot is a robust and lightweight carbon fiber composite, 4 axis robot with a payload capacity of 40 kg and a reach up to 2091 mm.

“Major retailers are increasingly requiring product shipments to be smaller, display ready and more varied in size and configuration and thus manufacturers need a more versatile system that can handle frequent product changeovers,” said Stuart Shepherd, president of KUKA Robotics Corporation. “Our solution gives existing conventional palletizer users and manufacturers a lower cost option to retrofit their current system or improve future end of line packaging systems.

The robotic system will debut at Pack Expo in Las Vegas, NV October 15-17, 2007.

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