71,000 celebrate the 60th anniversary of the VW van


October 9, 2007

Celebrations included a special convoy through Hanover

Celebrations included a special convoy through Hanover

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October 10, 2007 Hanover, Germany played host to 71,000 visitors last weekend to celebrate 60 years of Volkswagen vans. Over 5,000 Transporter vans and campers were on display from the original ‘split-screen’ T1 to current fifth-generation models.

Fans from across the globe arrived in Volkswagen vans from every decade since the 1950s, filling the equivalent area of around 35 football pitches and putting away 6,000 German sausages and 100 barrels of beer in the process.

The celebrations started with a special convoy through Hanover from the Volkswagen factory to the showground hosting the event where there was a covered stage to honor vehicles nominated for special prizes, plus a display of 100 historic and unusual models and exhibits from the Volkswagen museum, including the original design sketch from 1947.

An open-air concert by The Who - Pete Townshend owns a Volkswagen van - on Saturday night was enjoyed by 44,000 people.

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