Panasonic reveals Blu-ray recorder with 1-Terabyte hard drive


October 3, 2007

Panasonic reveals its new DIGA range

Panasonic reveals its new DIGA range

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October 3, 2007 Panasonic has released a Blu-ray disc recorder with a stonking 1-terabyte hard drive built in. That’s a mind-warping 381 hours of full HD video.

The Panasonic DMR-BW900 Blu-ray recorder, which shall hereafter be known as the “Tera-Daddy,” is the biggest and most awesome of a new range of six HD recorders the company has just unveiled at Createc Japan. Three of the new DIGA range are Blu-ray, three are HD-DVD. All of them kick beachloads of sand in the face of your ancient collection of 3-hour VHS tapes and DVDs.

All support lossless recording and playback of Dolby 5.1 surround sound, as well as 1080p vision. They integrate with a Panasonic intercom system to save pictures of whoever’s been knocking on your door when you’re away from home, and are programmable through your mobile phone. Each Blu-ray disc will hold 50 gigabytes, or around 18 hours, of HD content.

The Panasonic DMR-BW900 Blu-ray recorder and its lesser siblings will be available in Japan from November 1.

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