BlueTinum all-in-one “Internet Home Entertainment System”


September 24, 2007

BlueTinum Internet Radio

BlueTinum Internet Radio

September 25, 2007 European electronics company BlueTinum has announced the imminent release of what it labels “Internet Home Entertainment System”. Aiming to give consumers a complete solution that covers all the digital audio and video bases, the system combines the features of Internet Radio, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) Radio, MP3, DVD, an iPod cradle, direct PC streaming and good old FM Radio in one package.

The DVD playback capabilities will include DivX playback and the included remote will control your iPod when placed in the system’s iPod cradle. An SD/MMC Cardreader and USB connectivity is included and if the 2 x 15W stereo speakers don’t pack enough punch for you the system can be connected to an external amplifier with the line-out connection.

The wooden finish “Internet Home Entertainment System” will be available in different models with entry-level models such as the BT-H1506 offering only the audio devices such as Internet Radio and DAB/FM, while the more expensive units will include all the features including DVD playback. The standard edition model of the Internet/DAB/FM/PC radio is expected to hit the market around Christmas this year retailing from EUR69,00 (US$97) and increasing in price depending on the specifications of the unit.

The Denmark designed/Asian produced radio will be shown at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong from the 12th to the 15th of October. For further info visit BlueTinum.

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