Air, land, sea or snow: Lisa’s Akoya microlight leisure plane


September 20, 2007

Lisa's Akoya

Lisa's Akoya

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September 21, 2007 The €300,000 Lisa Akoya seems to open up a new category of aircraft. Designed to fly from airstrip to yacht to ski slope, the sporty multi-access amphibian caters perfectly to the business/leisure niche of the very wealthy. Entirely built from high-tech composite materials and capable of landing on a mere 100-metre strip, the luxurious Akoya also features a swivelling wing to make it storable in a narrow garage or on a yacht.

Recently completing its first test flights, Lisa’s Akoya aircraft is already in high demand from buyers keen to own the first aircraft designed to land on ground, water or even snow. The Akoya’s wheels and snow skis retract to seal the aircraft’s hull, which, equipped with small hydrofoils, gives the plane decent water manners.

The Ri&Flex; wing system (we don’t know how to pronounce it either) gives exceptional lift to the aircraft allowing very short takeoffs and landings – it’s a rigid carbon wing with a flexible, retractable textile flap that increases the wing surface by 70% when extended. The system also makes the plane very manageable if the 100hp Rotax engine should fail or stall. There's also an inbuilt parachute to ensure a soft landing in emergencies.

With a range of 1500km and a maximum speed of 300kmh, the Akoya is clearly targeted at wealthy aviation enthusiasts wishing for an exciting and unique bridge between yachting and skiing leisure lifestyles. Aesthetically it will fit in with any modern mega-yacht, the tailfin-mounted propeller and sleek composite body giving it a sleek and stylish eye-catching appearance.

The hefty €300,000 price tag will include the aircraft, the ULM license required to fly it, training from Lisa’s own specialists in water and snow takeoffs and landings, a personalized painting, a footbridge to a water-based pontoon and several accessories. With 45 of the craft expected to be produced before the end of 2009, Lisa are already predicting they won’t be able to satisfy demand.

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