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Vento releases 400cc triple quadbike


September 20, 2007

The 400cc, three-cylinder Vento Reptile is the first bike Vento have designed and built from the ground up.

The 400cc, three-cylinder Vento Reptile is the first bike Vento have designed and built from the ground up.

September 20, 2007 Vento have wasted no time in bolting their recently completed 400cc three-cylinder engine into a quadbike for production. The brand-new Reptile 400 will be the first quad designed from the ground up by the American company, and it looks like a good fun sporty middleweight to kick off Vento’s new range for 2008.

The first middle-weight, sports-recreational ATV designed and manufactured from the ground up by Vento, the Reptile 400 is powered by the 392 cc dual overhead cam, four stroke in-line triple-cylinder engine the company recently released, and air cooled with an oil cooling radiator. Equipped with a five speed manual transmission with reverse and electric start system, the 400cc engine produces enough torque to move from a dead stop even in second gear.

The Reptile has the same dimensions as competition-oriented ATVs, allowing it to comfortably accommodate riders of all sizes, and offers upgraded features such as a powder coated frame for increased scratch resistance, an aluminum front bumper, a metal protector for rear disc brake and chain sprocket, and a reinforced steel rear swing arm for greater durability. Dampening and compression shock absorbers with piggyback reservoirs can be fully adjusted without the need for tools, to accommodate any type of terrain or riding style on-the-fly.

Pricing and availability details have not yet been released – but Vento has distributors throughout America. We’re looking forward to seeing this nifty beast in the flesh.

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