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New Parker executive Multipen


September 12, 2007

Parker Multipen

Parker Multipen

September 12, 2007 Remember the excitement of getting a brand new four color pen when you were a kid? Ahh, the joy of writing words and alternating colors for each of the letters. Pen maker Parker's new Multipen provides a modern twist on the plastic classic - the four-way pen includes standard black and blue ink, pencil and a highlighter.

The Parker Executive Multipens come in Shiny Chrome or Matt Black styles and retail for AUD$99.95. They are designed to cater for those seeking an efficient and simple pen, with multiple functionality.

The pens include standard black and blue ink, pencil and a highlighter making them a useful tool for people on the go. This would be an ideal investment for pubic transport commuters who like to get work done on the ride to and from work.

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