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Disposable office furniture from recycled paper


September 6, 2007

Disposable office furniture from recycled paper

Disposable office furniture from recycled paper

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September 6, 2007 The paper-less office is still a myth in many working environments where reams of discarded printouts can still be found stacked beside printers and photocopiers. Providing an innovative twist to this scenario and taking eco-friendly to all new heights, Push Design has created a range of office furniture made from recycled paper.

Push designer Robert Buss has given his tree-housey designs a futuristic finish by incorporating felt and glass into the product range which is itself recyclable. Described as “furniture made from information for the information age”, the pieces have been aptly titled after the documents used to create them such as the Security Documents Chair, Menu Table and Bank Statements Shelving.

Buss has increased the life-cycle of these old office documents exponentially in this expression of the Push Design philosophy of striving for innovation and seeking cross fertilization of ideas.

Via Inhabitat.

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