JBL’s iPod dock now fully portable


September 6, 2007

JBL's On Stage 3 iPod docking station - now fully portable and compatible with your iPhone.

JBL's On Stage 3 iPod docking station - now fully portable and compatible with your iPhone.

September 6, 2007 JBL have released an update to their popular On Stage iPod docking station. The new On Stage 3 offers a full featured remote control and it’s finally equipped with battery power, making it fully portable. It's even compatible with the iPhone.

JBL recently announced the launch of its JBL On Stage 3 portable, which is compatible, using the supplied universal dock adaptors with all iPod models. The JBL On Stage 3 can be hooked up to other devices, such as digital-music and CD players, games consoles, notebooks and desktop PCs via the supplied 3.5mm mini-jack cable. The JBL On Stage 3 can also be powered by six AA batteries, which addresses one of the only complaints about the previous model by making the unit fully portable.

The docking station features four integrated Odyssey loudspeakers providing 6-watt-per-channel. It has a remote full system control (including iPod menu navigation), which works from a distance of up to 10 metres. And interchangeable trim rings are available for color customization of your JBL On Stage 3 to match your iPod nano.

The JBL On Stage 3 will be available from October in black or white. No pricing is yet available.

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