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AKG wireless headphones unveiled at IFA


September 4, 2007

AKG K930 wireless headphones, transmitter and docking station/charger

AKG K930 wireless headphones, transmitter and docking station/charger

September 4, 2007 AKG's K930 wireless stereo headphones are among the plethora of noteworthy new products Gizmag has encountered at the IFA show in Berlin this week. With a range of approximately 100 meters, the K930 headphones do not require a line of sight from the transmitter enabling the signal to penetrate through walls and ceilings and greatly expanding the user’s mobility.

The K930 headphones contain an integrated PLL synthesizer tuner and enable the use of several headphones simultaneously through the same transmitter. The system also features automatic scanning and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) technology, which provides uninterrupted clarity for the headphones to pick up and hone in on all incoming signals. The product also comes with a docking station/cradle, which doubles as a charging station.

The K930 headphones feature supra-aural (ear pieces cover ear entirely), a semi-open design and at only 180 grams, the unit is very lightweight. The padded, self-adjusting headband adapts to the shape of your head for optimal comfort.

The AKG K930 wireless headphones and accessories will be available in November 2007 at the price of EUR$149 (US$200).

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