Casio releases tiny 12-megapixel compact


September 3, 2007

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September 4, 2007 In years gone by, we wondered what we were going to do with the huge amounts of data from our decadent five and seven-megapixel digital compact cameras. At such a minute level of detail, surely the megapixel war was over in the compact digital market. Nobody told Casio though, with their latest Exilim release packing a colossal 12-megapixel image sensor. Each shot at the EX-Z1200’s highest setting now takes up nearly 8mb of card storage, and you’ll now need a 4000x3000 pixel monitor if you want to display your holiday snaps at full resolution.

The newest model in the Casio EXILIM series, the flagship EX-Z1200, offers 12.1 megapixel resolution providing an exceptional level of detail that allows crystal-clear printing, even in large sizes or when trimmed to show just one part of the image.

The camera incorporates CCD-shift image stabilization, a 3x optical zoom and the latest EXILIM Engine 2.0 image processing module with motion analysis technology. These innovative features work together to help prevent blurry shots due to shaky hands, subject movement or poor focus when photographing moving subjects.

In addition, the auto-tracking AF system now combines both face detection and motion analysis technologies. With this revolutionary new system, once the focus is locked in, it follows a moving subject’s face, maintaining both sharp focus and correct exposure.

Pricing details have not yet been released.

Main features:

  • 12.1 million effective pixels; 3X optical zoom
  • CCD-shift image stabilization mechanism
  • Incorporates the latest EXILIM Engine 2.0 image processing module featuring motion analysis technology
  • Tonal range control reduces loss of detail in bright and dark areas, and helps to achieve smoother expression of skin tones and clear blue skies.
  • Auto-tracking AF system maintains both sharp focus and correct exposure for a human face using both face detection and motion analysis technologies
  • Maximum 3 shot per second shutter speed (when set at 3.0 megapixel image size)
  • 2.8-inch Wide and Bright LCD display (maximum brightness of 1400cd/m2 at center of screen)makes viewing in bright outdoor light easier than ever before

Blur-reduction technologies:

- Automatically analyzes the velocity and vector of a moving subject and sets the most appropriate ISO sensitivity and shutter speed

- Anti Shake DSP reduces blur due to shaky hands and subject movement, using high shutter speeds and high sensitivity settings

- Movie mode with electronic camera shake compensation function


- Effective Pixels: 12.1 million

- Imaging Element: 1/1.7-inch square pixel color CCD (total pixels: 12.39 million)

- Image File Format: Still images: JPEG (Exif Version 2.2), DCF standard, DPOF compliant Movies: H.264/AVC, MOV format

- Audio: WAV (monaural)

- Recording Media: Built-in flash memory (image area: 11.4MB), SDHC Memory Card / SD Memory Card / Multimedia Card / Multimedia Card plus compatible

- Image Size (Pixels):

Still images: 4000×3000, 4000×2656 (3:2), 4000×2240 (16:9), 3264×2448, 2560×1920, 2048×1536, 640×480

Movies: 848×480 (UHQ Wide/HQ Wide), 640×480 (UHQ/HQ/Normal), 320×240 (LP)

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