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Boom Borda motorized skate board


August 8, 2007

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August 8, 2007. Gizmag has covered many variations on the skateboard theme including the Bushpig, Essboard, Stowboard and the BMW Streetcarver. Now there’s the Boom Borda - an eco-friendly motorized skate board from the UK Company Rokit Science that’s perfect for serious urban travel or fantastic fun in the park. Powered by a 400 Watt electric motor and capable of running up to fifteen miles on a single charge of its on-board batteries, the Boom Borda comes with ABS style brakes and is controlled by a super-responsive digital handheld radio pistol grip controller that could see you propelled along the pavement at up to 25mph – given that you can keep your balance.

The Boom Borda motorised skateboard is rechargeable with a charge time of 2-4 hours, radio controlled with hidden safety limiter, weighs 23kg, measures 101x27x15.5cm, has a range of 10-15 miles and comes in a choice of black or red trim... and it will undoubtedly turn the heads of curious pedestrians and drivers stuck in traffic.

The Boom Borda retails for US$462.99

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