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Domestic rainwater tanks with style: LUMI, the functional water feature


June 2, 2007

Full Tank's LUMI rainwater storage system lights up at night

Full Tank's LUMI rainwater storage system lights up at night

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June 3, 2007 Long-term droughts in places like Australia have put water-saving solutions at the forefront of designers' minds - and while some manufacturers are keen to hide their domestic rainwater catchment tanks out of view, others are taking a very different approach. Melbourne's Full Tank has designed a household water tank that not only serves to cut domestic mains water usage by 20%, but also acts as an attractive and modern architectural design and lighting feature. The LUMI rainwater tank is a glowing sculpture in celebration of responsible water use.

Full Tank's LUMI rainwater tanks are designed for those proud of their commitment to rainwater saving. The attractive, satin-finished rectangular tanks feature an in-built LED lighting system that transforms the practical into an architectural feature that fits in beautifully with clean, contemporary design lines and gives a soft, stylish glow at night. A further LED indicator shows the water level in the tanks.

A translucent outer casing is removable for easy cleaning, and personal designs or corporate logos can be easily incorporated onto the colored panels beneath. For those with existing water tanks, the stylish outer shell and lighting system is available as a retro-fit kit in custom sizes, and the exterior kits can be flat-packed for convenience and easy installation.

The LUMI won designer Katrina Logan the City of Melbourne Sustainability Design Award in 2006.

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Good way of utilising Rainwater eventhough it is a bit expensive from developing countries point of view.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India

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