Inflatable roof-rack installs in minutes


June 24, 2007

Installs in minutes

Installs in minutes

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June 25, 2007 We’ve recently encountered the inflatable washing machine, inflatable home theater and even the inflatable conveyor belt, but the HandiRack inflatable roof rack takes all the points for sheer practicality and widespread appeal. Able to carry up to 80kg, the cleverly designed roof rack can be installed in minutes and stashed away in the boot when not in use to ensure that your car's aerodynamics (and appearance) remain intact.

The HandiRack is installed by passing straps through the car doors, clipping the ends together and inflating the two bars that support the suitcase, surfboard or whatever you might be carrying above the car roof. The design won’t scratch your roof and you can still open and shut the doors and operate the windows normally.

When not in use the rack packs away into a bag the size of your toaster so that it can be stored in the trunk and ready to go next time.

The HandiRack boasts a virtually indestructible triple-layer skin that was designed for rugged outdoor use in America.

According to Handirack the system has been tried on “everything from a Rolls Royce to a Nissan Micra and it fits them all...even Gull Wing doors”. The notable exception is cars fitted with curtain airbags – the system can’t be used in this case along nor can it be used (somewhat obviously) on soft top cars.

For more info visit the HandiRack site or where it is currently available for US$100.

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