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Exercise under your desk while you work


June 17, 2007

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June 18, 2007 The adverse effects of a sedentary, desk-bound lifestyle are well documented - weight gain, lack of energy, concentration issues and poor health result when we spend the larger proportion of the day not moving. Here's an interesting way to tackle the problem - the Webble is a cute little footrest you place under your desk and push around with your feet, exercising your lower body and stomach muscles through the day as you go.

The Webble, launched at this year's NeoCon in Chicago, is BriteObjects response to research showing significant physiological benefits of leg activity while seated for sedentary office workers.

It will come in two models - the basic Webble and the Webble Air, which uses a soft mesh cover instead of the harder plastic of the Webble.

Using it is simple - imagine having a skateboard under your desk, but with multidirectional casters instead of fixed wheels. You quietly move it around under your desk as you work, making mild lower-body exercise an almost subconscious part of your work day.

Great thinking guys, I might pop an old skateboard deck under the desk while we're waiting for a commercial release!

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