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What's better than our RSS feed? The Gizmag toolbar for Firefox and IE


June 4, 2007

June 5, 2007 Regular readers of Gizmag will have noticed the design improvements we've made this year. In our continued efforts to improve the Gizmag experience, we've created the Gizmag toolbar. Available for Firefox and Internet Explorer, it's the best way there is to keep up or catch up with the site, and explore the near six thousand articles in our archives.

Search: Looking for something in particular? Search Google or Gizmag from the toolbar.

Latest News: Quick access to the last fifty stories added to Gizmag.

Editors Choice: Quick access to the Editors Choice stories of the month.

Most Popular: Check out the most popular articles on Gizmag for the last 24 hours, or all-time.

Shopping: Got the itch? Check out the latest and most popular at-market items we've covered, and get the best price on the web. Random Story: Looking for nothing in particular? We made this button specifically for you.

Just visit this link to download the toolbar.

About the Author
Tim Hanlon Tim originally came to Gizmag as a developer, much to the dismay of anyone who had to maintain, build on, or rewrite his code. After wearing every other hat that didn't have a head for it, he became CEO in 2010. Outside Gizmag, he trains Muay Thai and plays too much Destiny. All articles by Tim Hanlon
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