Blazing-fast HyperDrive4 solid state disk


June 3, 2007

The HyperDrive4

The HyperDrive4

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June 4, 2007 Got a computing task so brutal that even a roaring Seagate Savvio 15K hard drive won't cut it? The HyperDrive4 is a 5.25" storage device which uses volatile DDR memory instead of a conventional mechanical hard drive. This might sound crazy, but with a variety of supported methods to seamlessly backup and restore the data, you'd be crazy to pass on performance boosts of up to 20,000% (depending on the application of course). Forget about buying additional hardware too - the HyperDrive4 plugs-and-plays with any machine that supports IDE or SATA (that's just about all of them). The catch? A limit of 16GB per HyperDrive4, and a hefty price tag.

There's space for an on-board 2.5" backup hard disk, which data is automatically saved to whenever power is lost, thanks to the on-board Li-Ion battery.

With phenomenal read, write and seek times, this is your best bet to achieve Datacenter-like performance out of a standard machine, and would shine as a "working" drive for a high-end video/audio workstation.

A bare HyperDrive4 will set you back US$2330, but be prepared to spend nearly as much again on DDR RAM to reach the maximum 16GB capacity.

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