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13-year old CEO seeks $100k in venture capital.


May 20, 2007

Anshul Samar, the 13-year-old CEO of Elementeo.

Anshul Samar, the 13-year-old CEO of Elementeo.

May 21, 2007 Thought YOU were ambitious? How's this from a 13-year-old: "Our goal is to achieve 1 million dollars in revenue by the end of middle school, which is next year." The surprise hit of this year's TiECON, the Elementeo chief has already booked 450 sales of his upcoming first product.

Anshul Samar speaks with the verve and polished elevator pitch of a seasoned Silicon Valley hustler. The 13-year old pitched a table at this year's TiECON in Santa Clara, California, to drum up interest in his Elementeo card game, which he confidently claims will add fun and excitement to chemistry for school kids.

He describe the game as "two strong wills fighting against each other in a midst of an epic chemical battle, constantly trying to reduce their opponent's IQ to ZERO. Armed with their arsenal of elements, compounds, and nuclear reactions, these chemists strive to create, combat, and conquer the world!"

The game itself looks mildly interesting - although it's more likely to gain him a wedgie at lunchtime than an army of chemistry fans - but you just have to shake your head at this kid's sheer eloquence, confidence and charisma. His whole executive team is around the same age, including his 11-year-old sister, VP of sales.

He's looking for $100k in investment capital, or 2500 pre-orders, to start production of Elementeo - and with his ability to deliver a spiel like this on demand, you'd have to back him to get it.

Via VentureBeat.

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