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B&O mobile headset with Bluetooth and DSP


May 3, 2007

B&O mobile headset with Bluetooth and DSP

B&O mobile headset with Bluetooth and DSP

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May 4, 2007 Bang & Olufsen’s A8 earphones are now five years old but remain one of the most functional and aesthetic earphones on the market, having subsequently spawned the Earset 1 for mobile phones. Now the Danish tastemeister has evolved the distinctive, comfortable and stylish design to incorporate Bluetooth and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) noise cancellation technology. The US$420 Earset 2 offers four hours of talk time, weighs just 22g and will perform most admirably in any environment where background noise can take over. Exceptional transmission quality is achieved by two omni-directional microphones which filter and suppress background noise, giving the best voice transmission possible. The loudspeaker in Earset 2 is a fully-fledged closed cabinet loudspeaker unit in miniature. Supported by air vents and a bass port together with an ergonomic design, the loudspeaker has a frequency response that gives an exceptionally high degree of tonal precision.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is used to optimise the sound for each call. DSP monitors both the dynamic-technical and tonal qualities of the signal to accurately reproduce human voice, though does not eliminate all transmission noise as this would create unnatural ‘dead sound’ during pauses.

Earset 2 has the smooth and easy movement typical of Bang & Olufsen – folding the short microphone arm in and out switches the headset on and off, and the comfortable fit is made possible with the three-way adjustable ear-piece, used in other Bang & Olufsen hands-free solutions.

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