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Rhino pitches its RTV to US emergency response services.


April 29, 2007

Rhino pitches its RTV to US emergency response services.

Rhino pitches its RTV to US emergency response services.

April 30, 2007 We've written before about the remarkable rockhopping Rhino RTV and its amazing rough terrain abilities. Now it seems Rhino are teaming up with Arizona Emergency Products, Inc in an effort to sell the vehicles to U.S. based government organizations involved in emergency response - including police, fire and Homeland Security agencies such as the Border Patrol, the Forest Service and the FBI.

“The unique design platform of the Rhino Off-Road Rapid Response RTV is ideal for back-country access and off-highway first response and emergency activities,” stated Mike Chamberlain, President of AEP. “When customized with emergency accessories by AEP, first responders will be able execute rescue, firefighting and law enforcement activities in areas previously only accessible by foot, horseback, small ATVs, or helicopter.” The US market for off-road emergency vehicles is estimated to exceed $50 million in annual sales.

“AEP demonstrated the RR/RTV to government agencies that will put the RTV to work as a rapid response vehicle. This is such a great solution to back-country and rough terrain access needs for these agencies. It’s not just that they go where you point them but they get you there and back safely and without kidney damage while traveling at the required speed for first response,” said Howard Pearl, CEO of Rhino Offroad Industries.

“Over the past six months AEP has field-tested the Rhino Off-Road RTV with our customers to obtain feedback. Without exception, the response has been very positive,” reported Mike Chamberlain . “Agency representatives who have driven the RR/RTV in off-road terrains are very impressed with its capabilities and are anxious to place orders.”

From the enthusiasm of the guys in this test trial video, it would seem the cops would be very grateful to any crook that gave them the opportunity to fire their Rhinos up, and might be more likely to greet him with a high five than a set of handcuffs.

For a rather extreme demonstration of what the Rhino is capable of in rock-crawling competition, see this video (WMV download).

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