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OFRO+detect AUGV for enhancing security


March 21, 2007

OFRO+detect AUGV for enhancing security

OFRO+detect AUGV for enhancing security

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March 22, 2007 Meet OFRO+detect, the first autonomous reconnaissance robot that detects not only potential attackers but also nuclear and chemical warfare agents. The unmanned ground vehicle (AUGV) is has a built-in Multi-IMS (ion mobility spectrometer) and can detect all current tactical gases as well as nuclear hazards. Offie was specifically designed under an international project for camp protection and border security. It can completely assume responsibility for protection of a defined area against unauthorized intruders. Integrated within its swivelling 360 degree sensor head, are an LCD and a thermal imaging camera, enabling it to detect intruders up to 100 m away in any conditions, terrain or weather and issue an alarm to the command post. During its autonomous patrols, the robot transmits noises, video or thermal images, and sensor data via a military WLAN to mission control, providing a real-time picture of the situation. Alarms are issued automatically as soon as objects penetrate the protection zone.

Robotics offers the potential of overcoming the limits of human performance and so expanding soldiers’ operational capabilities. As well as hazardous missions, robots are eminently suited for carrying out repetitive tasks. This means safeguarding of military facilities can be enhanced in that they undertake “inspection patrols” or are used for surveillance of sensitive points.

Robowatch supplies AUGVs for reconnaissance, detection of chemical, radioactive and nuclear (CBRN) hazards, explosives as well as for defusing ordnance and transportation.

So that the robot really can carry out its patrols autonomously around the camp or along border installations, during a preparatory phase it has to learn several routes. For this purpose, the operators traverse the complete route with the remotely controlled robots, and download the data with starting position and route information into a site plan, based on geo-referenced satellite images.

Robowatch Technologies GmbH is one of the leading providers of Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles – AUGVs – that warn persons in good time when they get into dangerous situations, support surveillance of hazardous zones and extensive areas, and optimize reconnaissance for purposes of disaster control and civil protection. As well as developing its own products, Robowatch contributes its know-how to international projects or also to products from other companies.

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