SENSR's US$600 GP1 Programmable Accelerometer


March 21, 2007

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March 22, 2007 SENSR Instruments’ first product has certainly raised the bar for its future efforts - the GP1 Programmable Accelerometer, was developed to be an "accessible instrument", and combines precision, quality, ease of use and affordability. The unit is equally at home in a lab environment streaming real-time dynamic data back to your PC or out in the field functioning as a remote data logger monitoring and recording up to 30 days of data. The GP1 uses an enhanced recording processor that integrates static, dynamic and environmental data into a unique data record that records what occurred and when. A bit bigger than a car ignition key , the billet aluminium-cased gadget retails for just US$600 and at that price, there’s a whole bunch of things you can now do which were either impossible or price-prohibitive yesterday.

The GP1 Programmable Accelerometer is a rugged, compact 3 axis motion recording instrument that lets you monitor, record and analyse; motions, impacts, shocks, drops, orientation and temperature.

People are using other accelerometers that are very specialized, expensive and hard to use. The GP1's programmable feature-set let you configure the device for one specific task and then reconfigure the device for another task on demand. The GP1 can be configured to be a remote sensor where it streams data directly back to a PC or it can be configured to be remote data logger monitoring and recording up to 30 days of data.

The product has been specifically engineered for these disciplines and tasks:

Engineers and Technicians use the GP1 to:

. Measure dynamic responses . Quantify the testing environment . Baseline performance . Register product tuning responses . Record performance envelopes . Document testing . Identify performance degradation

Transportation and Logistic managers use the GP1 to:

. Record typical and abusive handling characteristics . Identify uncontrolled handling events . Document when tips, falls, drops and improper orientation occur . Quantify shippers performance. . Assess distribution variations.

Asset Managers use the GP1 to:

. Identify asset utilization . Document move and hold periods . Record typical and abusive treatment . Register dynamic performance changes . Monitor natural and environmental effects

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