Dual screen mobile now with Intel Dual Core Processor


February 27, 2007

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February 28, 2007 Study after study shows the efficiency of using two monitors on the desktop, so Estari’s announcement that it has upgraded its 2-VU dual-screen mobile computer is worth looking into as it offers the same efficiencies in a mobile environment. Estari’s 2-VU dual-screen computers are two touch screen, full-page, full-color, multimedia electronic computing devices and the latest Model DC15 uses the Intel Core Duo Processor and the base model will sell for US$4350. The dual-screen mobile computers combine aspects of a laptop, desktop, tablet PC and e-Book reader into a solution that provides increased functionality, productivity and mobility with an unprecedented visual workspace. When in transport mode, the DC15 looks just like a briefcase.

Several years ago, Estari made history with the world's first dual screen mobile computer, the Model ProPlus 1520. Now the DC15 brings the latest in technology, efficiency and durability to the mobile computer marketplace. Powered by an Intel Core Duo Processor, it can take up to 2 GB of RAM, comes with a 160 GB Hard Drive, Wireless, USB 2.0, 2.5-hour battery life ... and two 15-inch XGA LVDS Touch Screen Displays that can be used in either Portrait or Landscape modes. The Resistive Touch Screens were chosen for convenience; there is no need for a special stylus. Although a stylus can be used, you can simply reach up and use your finger to make quick selections.

Estari’s goal was creating a durable and convenient solution for the computer user who wants the same efficiency in the field that they experience in the office using two displays.

"Where's the keyboard?" is the most frequently asked question. Because of the touch screens, you can type right on the screen using the integrated virtual keyboard that comes with the unit. Or, you can simply write on the screen for conversion to text or store information in your own handwriting. If you need to do lots of typing, you can use a wireless keyboard or simply plug a keyboard into one of the USB ports.

The DC15 features a new quick mount/dismount system for those users who want to use it as a crossover desktop computer or for mounting in a vehicle. Estari's computer incorporates the best of both worlds when it comes to mounting. The company has created a matching plate that allows for quick mounting while still giving the customer access to the wide variety of stands available through the industry-standard VESA mount system.

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