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The Delica D:5 fuses minivan with SUV strength and 4WD


February 7, 2007

The Delica D:5 fuses minivan with SUV strength and 4WD

The Delica D:5 fuses minivan with SUV strength and 4WD

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February 8, 2007 Mitsubishi has launched a fully redesigned Delica D:5 on the Japanese market - a minivan that delivers monobox roominess and utility together with high levels of performance and stability in on- and off-road driving. The 2.4-liter 4WD Delica D:5 went on sale at affiliated dealerships throughout Japan last week carrying a tax inclusive price tag ranging from 2,614,500 yen to 3,412,500 yen. Although classified as a monobox minivan, the Delica D:5 sports electronically-controlled 4WD and Active Stability Control (ASC) together with ample obstacle clearance angles and ride height to give it improved running performance and stability both on- and off-road. Other features that will instill a greater sense of safety and reassurance in its users include a new hoop-design "rib bone frame" body structure, a driver SRS knee airbag standard on all models, and plastic resin fender panels that are pliant and have superior shape recovery properties.

The fifth iteration of the series, Delica D:5 inherits and builds on the strengths of the Delica brand philosophy: a peoplemover that transports its occupants to their destination in safety and comfort under all driving conditions. Covering running performance, body structure and cabin environment, Delica D:5 has undergone a full redesign to a development theme of fusing minivan people-friendliness with SUV tough and strength.

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