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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - multiplayer update, new cheat codes


February 5, 2007

February 6, 2007 Capcom have announced the release of a patch for Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, currently scheduled for March 9th. The patch addresses numerous bugs in the multiplayer game, and throws in some essential new functionality that will alleviate the problems gamers are having finding servers for Ranked matches that aren't across the other side of the world. To ease the pain of the fairly lengthy wait, Capcom have released three new cheat codes which will breathe new life into the title for people who are still stuck early in the game, and haven't seen the more impressive (and fun) later missions as a result. Read on for the full details, and cheats.


  • In the pre-game lobby, a country flag icon will be shown next to the Gamertag of each player. This will be especially helpful for determining location of the match host.
  • In the pre-game lobby, an icon will be added next to each player’s Gamertag, indicating connection strength, speed and rating.
  • In Team Elimination, Post Grab and Fugitive modes, an indicator will be added next to the Gamertag of the person who is speaking.
  • At the post-match Results screen, an indicator will be added next to the Gamertag of the person who is speaking.
  • At the post-match Results screen, Gamertags of the players who have left the session will be darkened.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Sometimes in Fugitive mode there would be multiple Fugitives instead of just one -- Fixed
    • Occasionally, if an error occurred on the lobby screen, another lobby screen would be displayed on top of it -- Fixed
    • Sometimes when there was a long delay/lag, the game would hang at the transition screen going from the lobby to the game and then reboot -- Fixed
    • Sometimes when there was a long delay/lag, depending on the console, certain players in the match would become invisible for the duration of the match -- Fixed
    • Sometimes post-match Results screens would show players who did not participate in the match -- Fixed
    • Starting a taunt animation during a reload shortened the reload time as an exploit -- Fixed
    • We can't help but notice that the ability to determine the strength of the connection is only available once you have connected to the server, which seems like a poorly thought out solution likely to add as much frustration as it removes. We'll have to wait and see on March 9th.

      The New Cheats

      The following three codes are used during a mission, while the game is paused. They will only function during Story mode with the Easy difficulty level selected - not in online games! They are disabled after the mission is cleared, so will have to be re-entered each mission.

      Infinite Health

      Down, Down, Down, Up, Y, Up, Y, Up, Y, Up, Up, Up, Down, X, Down, X, Down, X, Left, Y, Right, X, Left, Y, Right, X, RB & LB buttons

      Infinite Ammo

      R trigger, RB button, Y, X, Right, Down, Left, LB button, L trigger, R trigger, RB button, Y, X, Right, Down, Left, LB button, L trigger, R trigger, L trigger, LB button, RB button, Y, Left, Down, X, RB & LB buttons

      Add 500 T-ENG

      Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X Button, Y Button, RB & LB buttons

      Mini game at the credits (an oldie but a goodie)

      Enter the following command during the ending credts to pilot the VS used in the final mission, and take on the Akrid one last time.

      During ending credits, press and hold all of the following: LT, LB, RT, RB, X Button, Y Button, B Button. This command must be input before it says "TEST PLAYER" in the credits.

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