AeroTwin engine lands second patent


February 5, 2007

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February 6, 2007 We first wrote about AirScooter two years ago, characterising the company’s low-cost, easy-to-fly, ultra-lightweight coaxial rotorcraft helicopter as “a helicopter for the home". Now the company is making headlines not just for its innovative helicopter but also for the helicopter’s powerplant – the AeroTwin four-stroke aircraft engine. The second U.S. patent granted for the engine includes 23 claims focusing on the innovative lightweight one-piece head/cylinder design and related circulation and cooling methods. The AeroTwin produces 65 hp at 4200 rpm, and has a smooth/flat torque curve ideal for a wide range of sport vehicles and military applications, filling the niche between high-end hobby craft and expensive military UAVs. The company’s hobby models have now been dropped to focus resources on the engine, UAV and AirScooter segments. The knowledge obtained from hobby development contributed to the design and performance of the Company’s six-foot coaxial G70 UAV.

“This invention is an important advance in engine design allowing the production of a lightweight, powerful four-stroke engine that can effectively manage internal engine pressures,” said Dwaine Barnes, president of AirScooter Corporation. “Building on the claims of the first patent issued in 2005, this patent focuses on a range of innovations proprietary to the AeroTwin engine.”

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Nice innovative engine but 36 pics? If I had the kind of money this thing is expected to cost, I would buy a sport plane that can fly cross country and not in open cockpit.

Will, the tink
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