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Sharp showcases World’s largest LCD TV - 108 inches


January 8, 2007

Sharp showcases World’s largest LCD TV  - 108 inches

Sharp showcases World’s largest LCD TV - 108 inches

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January 9, 2007 With global demand for LCD televisions expected to grow by more than 50% this year, it was opportune timing for Sharp to roll out the world’s largest LCD TV, the 108-inch AQUOS. to promote its expertise at CES 2007. Not surprisingly, the 108-incher was the drawcard, extending its LCD offerings to four distinct ranges and 50 models ranging from 13- to 108-inches in screen size. The prototype 108-inch Full HD 1080p LCD TV is the world’s largest, measures 93.9-inches (w) by 52.9-inches (h) in size, and is expected to become available by mid-year. Perhaps the most important announcement was that some of the screens due in showrooms prior to the end of the year will feature refresh rates of 120 Hz, double the current 60 Hz standard.

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