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January 8, 2007



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January 9, 2007 Samsung Electronics debuted two new entertainment phones at CES yesterday – the Ultra Music and Ultra Video exemplify the convergence of basic devices, such as PMP, MP3 and radio, with mobile phones. Both combine the features of a camera phone with 2 MPX images, with their particular entertainment bents, all facilited by an LCD on each side. On one side there is a smaller LCD screen and the dialing keypad for making phone calls, contact entry and cell phone menu functions. The reverse side has a large LCD screen and a dedicated touch sensitive pad to cater to the multimedia functions.

"Samsung prides itself on developing innovative, ground-breaking products that marry traditional cell phone technology with high quality multimedia features," says Kitae Lee, president, Samsung Telecommunication Network Business. "The Ultra Music and Ultra Video integrate features such as dual screens, extended battery life and stereo Bluetooth technology, making these devices truly entertainment focused."

The Ultra Music is a complete music player with superb sound quality and an added twist: dual LCD screens. An LCD is featured on each side of the device. On one side there is a smaller LCD screen and the dialing keypad for making phone calls. This side also allows contact entry and cell phone menu functions. The reverse side has a large LCD screen and a dedicated touch sensitive pad. This side serves as the music player for MP3 and WMA files and has multimedia menu functions.

The Ultra Music is equipped with a digital power amp, which offers a dedicated music user interface that makes it easy to navigate through song lists. Additionally, it has a stereo FM radio and a Quick PC Sync, allowing users to create a music library and customized play lists. In addition to dedicated music features, the Ultra Music has all the extra features consumers have come to expect, including a 2 mega-pixel camera, extended battery life and Bluetooth technology.

The Ultra Video

The Ultra Video is the ultimate personal multimedia device with a smart design and cutting-edge features, ideal for consumer's on-the-go. Similar in design to the Ultra Music, the Ultra Video features dual LCD faces -- one side is specific to making phone calls while the other contains a large screen and dedicated multimedia controls. The unique swivel design allows the screen to rotate away from the controls to adjust the viewing or form a stand to place the device down on a stationary surface.

The Ultra Video is a HSDPA-enabled phone allowing users to view a large array of video content including MPEG-4, H.264, WMV and AVI files. It also has a PMP function with wide 2.4" screen as well as a 2.0 mega-pixel camera. With an internal memory of 400 MBs and expandable memory up to 2GBs (with microSD card) the Ultra Video allows the user to view an estimate of two movies (each about two hours long).

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