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Velcro-tipped FlexiSnake drain unclogger


January 1, 2007

Velcro-tipped FlexiSnake drain unclogger

Velcro-tipped FlexiSnake drain unclogger

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January 2, 2007 For all the high tech wonders in our life, there’s nothing quite as humbling as a simple blocked rain to remind us that we have yet to solve all the mysteries of the universe. A new product designed to open a slow-running drain caught our eye over the holiday period - a velcro-tipped, disposable drain snake called FlexiSnake.

Businessman turned inventor, Scott Turner, began test marketing the new invention in his local hardware store and it sold more units than any of the 12 popular chemical drain cleaner products on the shelf. Now the company has begun selling the FlexiSnake online and is seeking international distribution partners.

Turner sums up the business opportunity: "Hair clogs are common and the drain cleaner market is huge - hundreds of millions of dollars, and this ill-met need creates a golden opportunity for a new product like FlexiSnake."

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