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EFIJY Concept to make North American Show Debut


December 19, 2006

EFIJY Concept to make North American Show Debut

EFIJY Concept to make North American Show Debut

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December 20, 2006 Australia’s General Motors subsidiary Holden had a worldwide hit with its one-off 21st Century hot rod, EFIJY, at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney in October 2005, making news everywhere cars were the topic and a lot of places they weren’t. Remarkably, the acclaimed concept car will be shown at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month – the first time it has been seen outside Australia. EFIJY is a contemporary reincarnation of an iconic Australian-made 1953 Holden FJ sedan, restyled as a low-slung hot rod with a supercharged six-litre V8 engine. The car has been featured in magazines, websites and television programs around the world. Its most critical acclaim came from the United States when it was named Hot Rod of the Year by the influential Hot Rod magazine.

EFIJY chief designer Richard Ferlazzo, who will be at NAIAS with the vehicle, said having the car at the biggest event in the world’s biggest car culture was incredible recognition for everyone who worked on the project. “It’s fantastic for our design organisation to be recognised in the world’s biggest car culture,” he said. “Ed Welburn has been such a big supporter of Holden Design and the car itself and he was really the one who made this happen. “It’s kind of like selling ice to the eskimos when you have a car at the Detroit show. I can’t wait to see the reaction from the American public.”

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