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Splinter Cell: Double Agent playable demo on Xbox Live


December 5, 2006

December 6, 2006 Fetching a score of 86 at MetaCritic is no mean feat - only two titles on the 360 have managed any better, putting Splinter Cell: Double Agent on the must have list this Christmas. Those of you who remain unconvinced by 47 positive reviews can now test it out for yourself by downloading the single player demo from Xbox Live Marketplace.

The playable mission sees franchise hero Sam Fisher caught between two sides of a civil war, and shows off one of the games heralded features - a branching story line, where in-game decisions change the course of the action.

If making a choice between losing critical national security information and blowing your cover with millions of people dying as a result seems like your kind of thing, then you've probably already stopped reading and turned on your 360 - have fun!

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