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Upmarkethort distance travel – the 3 kg Venturi Black Feather carbon fibre longboard


November 29, 2006

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November 30, 2006 Like all consumer markets, the skateboard scene eventually established a luxury segment when BMW launched the Streetcarver five years ago. Now there’s a new (almost) unattainable object – it’s a relatively conventional longboard that befits a dotcom millionaire. Venturi of Monaco could convincingly lay claim to being one of the most innovative, futuristic and adventurous companies on the planet. It designed and built the World's first production electric sportscar, then partnered with Intel to make energy sharing possible, then backed it up last month with two announcments - the world’s first commercially-available electric-solar hybrid and the company’s pre-production energy-autonomous vehicle. Now the company offers an exclusive 200-only, collectors peice that is made entirely in carbon fiber and weighs just 3 kilograms. Combining light weight, a platform lowered to just 64mm and razor sharp steering, it offers a ride like no other. It is claimed to be the lightest and fastest longboard in the world. Remarkably, it only costs EUR480 (US$630). Be quick.

Designed by Sacha Lakic and dedicated to experienced riders as well as those nostalgic of their skate years it is for those ‘who want to own a beautiful piece that can be daily used thanks to its very light weight., according to Lakic. ‘This is for sure a dream object for an original Christmas gift : the most ecological and eccentric way to move on short distances!

The Venturi long board offers a smooth, fast, and quiet ride. The board has a very fluid feel. Its low profile makes you almost forget there is a board under as you glide along.

With its low standing platform, you can save energy and go faster. You stand 64mm (2 1/2") above the ground (less than the half height of a classical long board) and therefore need half the energy usually used in elevating and lowering your body when accelerating.

The standing platform is of the trucks’ height for the board’s self-stable position.

Riding the Venturi long board means: a stable rest position of the board and just as a sturdy straight line runs, a clearly defined and direct steering and handling; no tilting, no wobbling. For the untrained, it is easy to learn, and for experienced surfers, it is a precision instrument for carving, cruising and speed.

The 906mm (36") wheel base offers ultra stability at high speed where the driving dynamic limits are set by the adhesion of the wheels - the board itself remains stable.

Thanks to the deck’s light weight, the board remains portable despite its size. It has been created with high-quality carbon fibre for maximum strength at the lightest possible weight. In the class of long boards greater than 34 inch wheelbase, the Venturi Black Feather is the lightest ever. The body is manufactured manually to aircraft specification. The high stiffness of the carbon fibre around the longitudinal axis offers very precise steering. The body can withstand tension loads in a longitudinal direction of more than 20,000 kg (44,000lb).

The deck height offers ergonomically outstanding features with the front foot perfectly fitting into the front section, giving a stable position on the board even while pushing it. The light concave shape of the deck provides easy control, and the low stand makes it easier to brake with your rear foot.

Its large wheels makes the board fast and safe to ride. The common holes and pieces of broken glass on the ways are rolled over by the big wheels and small cobble-stone pavement is no more an obstacle. The surface of the wheels consists of a wear-resistant PU with the highest available rebound. There is a small rolling friction that enables you to go faster.

The wheels are Randal RII trucks with 85mm speed wheels on a race core and ABEC 7 bearings with rubber shields on both sides (2RS). In front 180mm it’s wide, and150mm at the rear. It comes standard with yellow bushings in front and red bushings rear. For riders over 85kg or those who like to go downhill fast, red bushings are recommend in front also.

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