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DoubleDocker automated gate system saves everyone time and money


November 11, 2006

DoubleDocker automated gate system saves everyone time and money

DoubleDocker automated gate system saves everyone time and money

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November 12, 2006 The DoubleDocker is a very clever idea – it’s the world’s first fully automated dual-end jet bridge – as all passenger jets have two doors, it automatically docks to both doors and halves the boarding or deplaning time, offering passengers a significant reason to fly with airlines that offer the service. For the airline, it means an extra few minutes of productivity for their US$250+ million asset. The DoubleDocker is the invention of Dewbridge Airport Systems and the first one went into service in August at Denver International Airport with United Airlines. By the end of the year five gates will be operating and it’ll be interesting to see how the system fares.

This new gate system consists of a Dewbridge AutoDocker, an automated apron drive passenger boarding bridge, with an Over-The-Wing (OTW) Dewbridge which enables passengers to board and deplane simultaneously from the front and rear doors on narrow-body aircraft. The system includes a Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS) to ensure accurate parking of aircraft and to initiate the docking sequence to aircraft such as the A320 and 737 families, 757-200 or EMB190.

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