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World record price for a 500cc Manx Norton


November 9, 2006

The world record-setting Manx

The world record-setting Manx

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November 10, 2006 A world record price of almost GBP32,000 (US$61,000) has been paid for a Manx Norton at last Saturday’s (November 4) H&H; auction in the United Kingdom. It was the second consecutive world record for a Manx for H&H;, with the previous auction having raised the ceiling for 350cc Manx Nortons to a tad under GBP24,750. The world record 500 Manx in question was a nicely presented 1961 example that had been restored some 15 years ago and sported an engine built by Manx maestro Ray Petty.

The first Suzuki TR50 to come up for sale for many years inevitably caused considerable interest at the same auction. The 1967 example offered won the British 50cc Championship in its early days and subsequently secured both the 2004 and 2005 pre-1969 Series. It sold for more than expected at GBP19,250.

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my dad had a 1951manx norton,it raced on the beach at daytona .i have a 500 cyllinder jug and two 1949 manx factory frames.they have been in my mothers attic since 1960.the 1951 manx is now in a museum in england,it had great history.lets talk manx nortons... loudest bike i ever heard.i also have a connecting rod for the 1951 model.

Jimmy Driver

i am impressed with this much manx info.some one please tell me what i have...thanks!!

Jimmy Driver

Hi Jimmy

Please check out the link ...


Are they like the bikes chassis in the picture? The chassis was known as the Gardengate and was fitted to other models besides the Manx. Do you have any chassis numbers or part numbers off the bits you have. It would be interesting to hear the story behind how you came to end up with these bits in your mothers attic. Do you have any pictures of the bits.

You can email me if you wish at joytolife@hotmail.com if you let me know on here first please as I don\'t use it other than for a link on open forums like this. Please add who you are in the subject box. I\'ll help you with your question if I can. Cheers Chris

Indigo Scout
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