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All laptop coolers are not created equal


November 5, 2006

All laptop coolers are not created equal

All laptop coolers are not created equal

November 6, 2006 As anyone who owns a current generation laptop knows, they generate a lot of heat, and that heat isn’t good for the laptop or your lap. This story actually began from a press release featuring the NotePal P1, Cooler Master’s lightweight portable note book cooler. Crafted from aluminum, the USB-powered Note Pal P1 (pictured bottom) has a no-skid surface with rubber rings on top, which holds your notebook in place, a compartment underneath for USB cable storage and air vents in the back to draw heat away from your laptop and it really looks the part - we were very taken with its fetching good looks. Then we did a bit of research and found that the boys at BigBruin had already run the NotePal through it’s paces, comparing it with the much older and not-nearly-as-stylish Hiyatek HY-CF-6157-01 Laptop Cooler (pictured top). The story begins there because the lads actually measured how well each did its job of cooling a Dell Inspiron and the “Hiyatek cooler could improve the temperature 8-12C as compared to no cooler, while the NotePal P1 would improve things 2-5C in the same areas.” Quite clearly, there’s much more to a laptop cooler than good looks and the Hiyatek also includes a four slot card reader and three port USB 2.0 hub, all while handling its primary role as a laptop cooler quite nicely.

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