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The Wallet Pen


October 29, 2006

The Wallet Pen

The Wallet Pen

October 30, 2006 People often write to us to ask what the criteria are for a story on and we respond that a great concept is the key and there are no rules beyond that because if we applied strict criteria, we might discourage or exclude something. The Wallet Pen is a perfect example – it’s simply a three inch sterling silver pen that’s small enough to fit in your wallet and still allow the wallet to be slipped into a pocket without endangering your private parts. It fits that empty space at the fold of every wallet and it ensures that when we need a pen, we’ve got one. To add to the illusion we’re classy folk, the Wallet Pen is an ideal prop, being handcrafted from solid Sterling Silver and clearly quality stuff – indeed, it’s guaranteed forever. How many times have you had to borrow a pen?

Created by jewelry designer Timothy Grannis, the Wallet Pen writes beautifully, includes one spare refill and makes a great gift for almost any occasion - Best Men, Faithful Customers, Lovers, Hikers, Bikers, Skiers, Climbers, Travelers, Sports car drivers, Lawyers, Members, Gardeners, Donors, Alumni, Board Members, Mothers/Fathers/Graduates, Bar Mitzvahs, friends, coaches, directors and of course, that very special person … you.

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