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Adrenalin Murtaya Turbo heading to USA


October 24, 2006

Adrenalin Murtaya Turbo heading to USA

Adrenalin Murtaya Turbo heading to USA

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October 25, 2006 Immediately it was launched this month in the UK the Murtaya by Adrenaline Motorsports of Cornwall was pronounced “Awesome…a true automotive landmark” by often blase automotive journalists and gurus of sports car design and development. With underpinnings from the Subaru Impreza WRX and featuring AWD powered by a turbo flat four in various states of tune from 150 to 395 bhp this lightweight (between 850 & 925 kg dependent on spec) can easily be encouraged to sprint to 62mph in sub three second times, making it one of the quicket accelerating cars in the world.

The Murtaya combines Japanese, North American and British elements in its design and its praises have been highly sung. “The gods of speed have smiled and the combination makes for an awe inspiring experience on road as well as track,” claimed American Indy team chief and assembler of Noble cars Greg Robb of the Murtaya.

Talks between Neil Yates of Adrenaline and a prominent US sports car workshop are in their final stages and it could be as early as the New Year that the Murtaya will be available in the US in left hand drive and fully registered form.

“We firmly believe that with the right staff in place on both sides of the Atlantic we can provide the individual service and craftsmanship that our customers expect and deserve. We will offer all options in both North America and the UK – including the special engine and transmission packages,” smiled Neil Yates, founder of the company. “These are available for those seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush with up to 395bhp and a six speed gearbox, giving a staggering 465bhp per tonne potential!

Enquiries of all forms to Adrenaline can be sent to Neil.

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