Ableton Live 6 - the ultimate live performance software


October 14, 2006

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After its debut in October 2001, Ableton Live quickly established itself as the ultimate tool for live music performance, winning numerous awards and becoming part of the arsenal of many significant musicians. The recently released Live 6 adds a truckload more to the bargain with functionality to rival all high end music production applications.

Live 6 features new and updated internal effects, a new optional sampler, project management tools for transferring and archiving your work, a complete range of multisampled real instruments and a new effects rack to create complex chains of effects which can be saved and recalled for use in other projects. Quicktime support now allows movies to be dropped into the arrangement, and viewed on a second monitor, opening the door to Live in post-production.

Users of slower machines will appreciate the updated, more flexible freeze functionailty, while owners of more recent dual-core machines will be glad to know that multicore support has been added.

Live 6 is available now.

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