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Sleepypod – pet bed and travel case with electric warmer


September 27, 2006

Sleepypod – pet bed and travel case with electric warmer

Sleepypod – pet bed and travel case with electric warmer

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September 28, 2006 Now here’s a great idea for those people who dearly love their pet and wish to make it as comfortable as possible at all times. The Sleepypod offers a familiar environment whether your pet is sleeping at home, going on vacation, or just visiting the vet. The aim of the exercise is to have your pet build a positive association with the Sleepypod as a bed and play area while at home, so that when you’re travelling, your pet will feel at home no matter where they go. An optional electric warmer uses 6.5 Watts of power and adds US$30 to the price, bringing it to an even US$200.

An internal thermostat keeps the electric warmer temperature at around 102 F when in use. The UL approved power adapter with quick disconnect cord is designed for use in the USA.

The mobile pet bed system suits a cat or small dog and is designed for longevity, with replacement bed liners available for US$30.

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