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Parrot’s Bluetooth Hands-free Speakerphone accessory


September 27, 2006

Parrot’s Bluetooth Hands-free Speakerphone accessory

Parrot’s Bluetooth Hands-free Speakerphone accessory

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September 28, 2006 Paris-based Bluetooth specialist Parrot has graced our pages before for its Bluetooth wireless speakers and Bluetooth LCD picture frames. This time it’s a more traditional use for Bluetooth technology in the form of a hands-free for a mobile phone – the point-of-difference is that the MINIKIT is designed from the outset as a speakerphone, and uses a built-in multi-directional microphone, DSP-2 signal processing algorithms and a high-definition two-watt speaker to enable crystal-clear speakerphone conversations.

Designed as a portable companion for any Bluetooth phone, the MINIKIT weighs 104 grams (3.5 oz) and its vital statistics are 110 x 63 x 28 mm (4.3 x 2.5 x 1.2 inches). The Parrot MINIKIT uses its own, not the phone's, voice recognition feature so there’s no need to keep the phone near by – it always calls the right number. With its battery offering 10 hours of talk time and over a week on standby, the Parrot MINIKIT is ideal for those who want a dedicated high-quality speakerphone for their mobile.

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