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The ecopod e1 home recycling centre


September 25, 2006

The ecopod e1 home recycling centre

The ecopod e1 home recycling centre

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September 26, 2006 The ecopod e1 home recycling centre debuted last week at the Dwell on Design Conference and it has some compelling aspects, most significantly in that it offers an orderly, easy and convenient regime to process recyclables in the home. Not to be confused with the low-cost recycled paper coffins of the same name, the ecopod was designed by BMW Designworks, with the concept of building a solution that would help make recycling simple and rewarding at home and in the office. It stores glass bottles, paper, plastic bags and cans after compacting them, and has the potential, according to ecopods statistics, to help prevent over 130 billion beverage containers worth US$ one billion reaching American landfills each year. The movie can be seen here. Images inside.

Retailer Williams-Sonoma will stock the ecopod in their stores, catalog and internet site from December, 2006. No price as yet.

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