August 18, 2006 German storage manufacturer TrekStor has introduced a USB stick with eight gigabytes of storage. Measuring about twice the width of current USB sticks, though thinner and shorter, the new TrekStor Model CS-D stick is available in six (US$140) and eight (US$180) gigabyte models. The CS-D is 1.25 inches wide, 0.375 inches thick, and 2.5 inches long including the cover but does NOT use flash memory, employing a miniature shock-mounted one-inch hard drive. The CS-D weighs less than an ounce and is intended for same daily use as flash-technology memory products.

Power is supplied through the USB connection; a red LED is illuminated when the stick is in use. A neck strap and USB extension cable are included. The CS-D can be plugged directly into a USB port or be connected to a USB port using the supplied cable. Available now at, the CS-D 6GB and 8Gbare both backed by a one-year warranty.