Day/Night Internet camera servers offer 24-Hour surveillance for SMEs


August 6, 2006

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August 7, 2006 Video surveillance was once a costly business and solely the domain of robust, well-funded businesses but the march of progress continues to lower costs of almost everything dealing in zeroes and ones and we recently marvelled at the US$300 wireless Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) IP camera from Linksys. Now TRENDnet has unveiled the US$400 wired (TV-IP301) and US$500 wireless (TV-IP301W) Advanced Day/Night Internet Camera Servers. Equipped with an infrared (IR) lens and built-in microphone, the new products facilitate remote security monitoring 24 hours a day for small businesses via the Internet.

Each camera has its own IP address to easily connect to a wired or wireless network and instantly provide surveillance of important locations such as office entrances, warehouse floors, exterior walkways, and parking lots, 24 hours a day using a standard web browser. Each camera supports UPnP for simple setup and Dynamic DNS (DDNS) to create an easy-to-remember URL name for easy access using a web browser.

By using advanced lens features like IR lens, 4X Digital Zoom, CCD image sensor, and DC-iris control, users can capture everything, from brightly lit to pitch black outdoor and indoor locations as the cameras operate in both low-light to no-light conditions. The integrated microphone offers a more complete surveillance experience for live audio monitoring as well.

Small businesses can create a complete surveillance system with support for multiple camera monitoring, high-resolution image/video recording, and email notification. Using the cameras' included IPView Pro software, paired with a high performance CPU, users can monitor up to 16 cameras at the same time. The cameras support high quality Motion JPEG (MJPEG) and MPEG-4 Video recording at up to 30 frames per second, which can be sent to a PC or FTP server for storage. For immediate notification of motion or unwanted intruders, three adjustable motion detection windows can be set to capture just-in-time snapshot images. Also, when connected to a separate alarm system via the integrated I/O port, the cameras can also trigger an alarm or send an email notification.

Compatible with the 802.11b/g wireless standard (TV-IP301W) and 10/100 Fast Ethernet (TV-IP301), the universal plug-and-play-enabled units are easily integrated into existing networks. The wireless TV-IP301W supports infrastructure and ad-hoc modes, while providing WPA encryption protection.

The TV-IP301 and TV-IP301W will begin shipping August 15, 2006, with a U.S. Average Selling Price of $399 (USD) for the wired 10/100 TV-IP301 and $499 (USD) for the 802.11g wireless TV-IP301W.

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