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The world's most secure front door


July 31, 2006

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August 1, 2006 Necessity, it is said, is the mother of invention, so we weren’t surprised to get an email from TechnoImport in beautiful downtown Bogota, capital of one of the world’s toughest countries, Colombia, explaining the development of what TechnoImport believes is the most secure armoured door in the world for residential homes – a bargain at just US$2500 given the remarkable array of technology it contains. The steel door is bulletproof (it’ll stop a Magnum 57 bullet - see main pic), offers antifire protection, cannot be cut through with cutting/welding equipment and is designed to withstand the use of explosives, having a steel frame as well. It has two inboard engines guaranteed to a minimum 30,000 openings and locks in ten places with 3/4 inch pins, on all sides of the door. Even the biometric lock is intelligent, sensing for bloodflow and the correct fingerprint to foil those unscrupulous fiends who found a way past the first generation fingerprint locks by hacking off the fingers of their victims.

It is a level 3 armoured door with a multilock system than can be opened through a chip coded key, a remote control system, your fingerprint and you can arm or disarm your home alarm system with the door remote control. When the door is closed an impact sensor locks the multilock system

Then there’s the optional integration of the door with an IP camera, which makes it possible to have emails sent with a picture of who’s at the door everytime the doorbell is rung or the door is opened.

The biometric lock is very clever, ensuring that it can sense bloodflow in a finger before it unlocks the door – when first generation fingerprint locks were first used in Colombia, they were circumvented by unscrupulous assailants who would hack off the victim’s finger for use in their fingerprint reader. Most importantly, the door can be made in any size, style or colour, ensuring it looks the part and matches the décor – matching the exact details of the existing door of your property is also a speciality. Amongst others, these doors are fitted to the home of the President of Colombia and numerous embassies.

The company is seeking international distributors and can be contacted here.

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Great door but only as good as surrounding walls and windows. Reminds me of a safe! Blood flow needed to open the fingerprint lock? No problem, just drag the live but possibly unconscious person over to the door and it gets opened! It needs override capability from the inside.

Will, the tink
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