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Panda Terramare 4x4 with inflatable flotation belt


July 21, 2006

Panda Terramare 4x4 with inflatable flotation belt

Panda Terramare 4x4 with inflatable flotation belt

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July 22, 2006 An interesting nautical adventure took place yesterday when a modified Fiat Panda 4x4 successfully crossed the English Channel. Beginning at 8.30am, the crossing took just over six hours, and at 4.30pm London time, the Panda Terramare 4 drove out of the water and up the beach at Cap Griz Nez, completing the epic 25 mile maritime journey across one of the busiest seaways in the world. The Panda’s creator is Milan-born Maurizio Zanisi, an independent former Iso Rivolta engineer, and his self-built Panda Terramare 4 which is based on a Panda 4x4 chassis, but with an inflatable flotation belt, and waterjet propulsion driven off the rear axle has now conquered the famous stretch of water.

The Panda Terramare 4 is no stranger to water, and it has already been spotted frolicking in the great Italian lakes, (Como and Maggiore), the River Po, and the Mediterranean off Sardinia. Its longest sea journey prior to the Channel crossing was a return trip from Naples to Capri.

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