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The ingenious Keyholding Company


May 8, 2006

The ingenious Keyholding Company

The ingenious Keyholding Company

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May 9, 2006 Time is a commodity where supply is limited to a democratic 24 hours per person per day, regardless of income, so it makes sense that with working hours increasing, highly-paid people will be seeking to optimize their time usage. One recent report cites British consumers losing 60 million working days a year waiting for delivery drivers and workmen. UK-based Keyholding Company believes this market for time will become increasingly valuable in the future and is offering a range of services so people no longer need to use up valuable free time to take care of emergency or mundane tasks at home. The company has a database of fully-vetted tradespeople and keeps a set of your keys. This means that as well as sourcing a reliable trade's person, they can wait for them to arrive and ensure the works are completed satisfactorily. They can also deliver goods into your home and leave the property secure.

According to Charlie Gordon Lennox, Managing Director, The Keyholding Company: "We have invested over seven years in setting up a comprehensive database of professional, reliable, fully vetted, trades people, ranging from plumbers to gas engineers and builders." "We safeguard a set of our clients' keys in order to provide access to their property. This means that as well as sourcing a reliable trade's person, we can wait for them to arrive, ensure the works are completed and leave the property securely - all without the client being present."

The company also provides a 'Delivery' Service - music to the ears of anyone who waited in for some of the 110 million hours that the Which? Report states were spent waiting for deliveries last year!

Says Lennox: "While retailers may value your cash at point of purchase, they don't necessarily value their customers' time when it comes to delivering the goods. We can take delivery of goods at our depot, and then deliver them into the home or for larger items; we can meet the delivery company on site, provide access, oversee the delivery and lock up on completion.

Again, this can be done at any time of day or night without the client being present. Phrases such as 'during office hours only', 'we don't deliver at weekends' or 'AM or PM delivery window' no longer matter to our clients!" concludes Lennox.

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