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The PanelPod - turns a panel into a display


May 4, 2006

The PanelPod - turns a panel into a display

The PanelPod - turns a panel into a display

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May 5, 2006 With sound and high resolution graphics, computers can now be used to display anything. You just need a convenient place to put the screen. Which makes the Panel Pod kinda handy. It’s not rocket science – just a convenient way to mount an LCD monitor or LCD TV to a tripod. It has widespread application at trade shows, store merchandising, as an adjunct to any vehicle for “tailgating”, backyard barbecues, home entertainment flexibility and experimanetation and corporate meeting rooms. It’ll handle a 20 inch screen with ease, can be set up and taken down in seconds and will handle up to 18 pounds - US$249 gets you the mount and tripod.

According to Mr. Craig H Gray, inventor, "We are bringing you a whole new portable presentation platform, enabling a new way to display video or give presentations with a flat panel monitor or LCD television."

Panelpods is seeking international distribution - expressions of interest here.

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