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Wireless control for LED lighting systems


April 20, 2006

Wireless control for LED lighting systems

Wireless control for LED lighting systems

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April 21, 2006 A devilishly clever combination of wireless and intelligent LED technologies will make life easier for photographers. Zylight’s ZyLink technology allows lighting professionals to wirelessly link together multiple Z50's to create large, soft sources of calibrated tungsten light, daylight, or any color of the rainbow. The Z50 produces a soft, wide output with no hotspots - when linked together the lights act in concert as if they were one unified LED source, with adjustments made on one light changing all lights in the group. Used individually or in an array, the system will offer any output you need (Tungsten, daylight, colour), as large as you need it.

The Z50 Intelligent LED Light can instantly change from fully calibrated 5600K to 3200K white light. When switched to creative colour mode, the Z50 can output any colour of the rainbow including pastels, eliminating the need for gels.

The Z50 is designed under license from Color Kinetics

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